St Peter’s, Shoreham-by-Sea


You can find St Peter’s church on West Street, right by the railway arch. For those of you with Satnav, the postcode is BN43 5WG.

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Sunday Masses

9am is a lively family Mass with a choir singing a mixed variety of styles of music. Children aged from about 4 until 8 are welcome to participate in our Liturgy of the Word for Children. For those with stroppy toddlers, there is a substantial (somewhat) sound-proof chapel. There is coffee in the hall afterwards.

At 6pm there is another Mass, much quieter and more reflective, usually without music. Before Mass there is quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament from 5.30 and Benediction about 5.50. After Mass the little bar in the hall is open for an hour or so.

Weekday Services

Monday—Adoration of the Blessed

  Sacrament from 8.30—9.30.

  Mass at 9.30.

Tuesday— (10.00 Mass at CTK Steyning)

Wednesday— Mass at 9.30.

Thursday— (10.00 Mass at CTK Steyning)

Friday— Adoration of the Blessed

  Sacrament from 6.00pm—7.00pm, with

  confessions 6.30—6.55.

  Mass at 7.00pm.

There is Mass on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Steyning, and every day except Sunday (when there is a 5.30pm Saturday vigil Mass) at The Towers Convent.

St Peter’s Church and People

St Peter’s Choir

At present numbering about 20 people we aim to provide a mix of modern and more traditional music. We sing at the 9 am service every Sunday. All are welcome to join the choir, enthusiasm being the main requirement. An ability to read music is not essential although, for the singers, being able to sing in tune is preferable! We have regular practices, on average two per month usually on either a Friday evening or Saturday morning. Before major events such as Easter and Christmas we normally meet more regularly. For anyone who would like to join the choir these practices would be a good opportunity to meet the people involved. Alternatively come and speak to us after 9 am Mass on Sunday. We believe that the choir and the music it provides are an essential part of the liturgy . At present we are trying to develop a children’s choir so if you have musical children please bring them along as well.

If you are an instrumentalist of any kind we would also welcome you. At present we have a regular organist, two guitarists, a flute player and a clarinet player but more instruments can always be accommodated and add to the richness of the music.

Most of the music we provide is chosen to be accessible to the congregation— 'audience participation ' is definitely encouraged! We are always open to suggestions concerning the music- it is always encouraging to get feedback whether positive or negative. Finally we are available to sing at weddings for a very modest fee!

St Vincent de Paul Society

There are two conferences of the SVP in our parish, one in Shoreham and one in Steyning. Both groups do quiet work helping local people in any kind of need.

More information here.

Altar Servers

We have good teams of altar servers in the parish.

More information here.

SPOGS—St Peter’s Older Generation

This group meets every second Thursday of the month at 12 noon for a cheap fish-and-chip lunch. All parishioners are very welcome, and the bar is opened if anyone finds tea and coffee a little... insufficient.


The Other St Peter’s, Shoreham

—it’s in Victoria, Australia