Weekly Newsletters


Here are the newsletters for each week.

The most recent is at the top.

15th October 2017.pdf - Twenty-Eigth Sunday in OT

8th October 2017.pdf - Twenty-Seventh Sunday in OT

1st October 2017.pdf - Twenty-Sixth Sunday in OT

24th September 2017.pdf - Twenty-Fifth Sunday in OT

17th September 2017.pdf - Twenty-Fourth Sunday in OT

10th September 2017.pdf - Twenty-Third Sunday in OT

13th August 2017.pdf - Nineteenth Sunday in OT

30th July 2017.pdf - Seventeenth Sunday in OT

23rd July 2017.pdf - Sixteenth Sunday in OT

16th July 2017.pdf - Fifteenth Sunday in OT

9th July 2017.pdf - Feast of Our Lady Queen of Peace

2nd July 2017.pdf - Thirteenth Sunday in OT

25th June 2017.pdf - Twelfth Sunday in OT

18th June 2017.pdf - The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

11th June 2017.pdf - The Most Holy Trinity

4th June 2017.pdf - Pentecost

28th May 2017.doc - The Ascension of the Lord

21st May 2017.pdf - Sixth Sunday of Easter

14th May 2017.pdf - Fifth Sunday of Easter

7th May 2017.pdf - Fourth Sunday of Easter

30th April 2017.pdf - Third Sunday of Easter

23rd April 2017.pdf - Second Sunday of Easter

16th April 2017.pdf - Easter Day

9th April 2017.pdf - Palm Sunday

2nd April 2017.pdf - Fifth Sunday in Lent

26th March 2017.pdf - Fourth Sunday in Lent

19th March 2017.pdf - Third Sunday in Lent

19th March 2017.pdf - Third Sunday in Lent

12th March 2017.pdf - Second Sunday in Lent

5th March 2017.pdf - First Sunday in Lent

26th February 2017.pdf - Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

19th February 2017.pdf - Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

12th February 2017.pdf - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

5th February 2017.pdf - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

29th January 2017.pdf - Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

22nd January 2017.pdf - Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

15th January 2017.pdf - Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

8th January 2017.pdf - The Epiphany of the Lord

1st January 2017.pdf - Mary, the Holy Mother of God

25th December 2016.pdf - Christmas Day

18th December 2016.pdf - Fourth Sunday in Advent

11th December 2016.pdf - Third Sunday in Advent

4th December 2016.pdf - Second Sunday in Advent

20th & 27th November 2016.pdf - Solemnity of Christ the King, First Sunday in Advent

6th November 2016.pdf - Thirty Second Sunday in OT

30th October 2016.pdf - Thirty First Sunday in OT

23rd October 2016.pdf - Thirtieth Sunday in OT

16th October 2016.pdf - Twenty Ninth Sunday in OT

9th October 2016.pdf - Twenty Eighth Sunday in OT

2nd October 2016.pdf - Twenty Seventh Sunday in OT

25th September 2016.pdf - Twenty Sixth Sunday in OT

18th September 2016.pdf - Twenty Fifth Sunday in OT

11th September 2016.pdf - Twenty Fourth Sunday in OT

4th September 2016.pdf - Twenty Third Sunday in OT

28th August 2016.pdf - Twenty Second Sunday in OT

21st August 2016.pdf - Twenty First Sunday in OT

14th August 2016.pdf - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7th August 2016.pdf - Nineteenth Sunday in OT

24th July 2016.pdf - Seventeenth Sunday in OT

17th July 2016.pdf - Sixteenth Sunday in OT

10th July 2016.pdf - Fifteenth Sunday in OT

3rd July 2016.pdf - Fourteenth Sunday in OT

22nd May 2016.pdf - Solemnity: The Most Holy Trinity

15th May 2016.pdf - Pentecost Sunday

8th May 2016.pdf - The Ascension of the Lord

17th April 2016.pdf - Fourth Sunday of Easter

10th April 2016.pdf - Third Sunday of Easter

3rd April 2016.pdf - Second Sunday of Easter

27th March 2016.pdf - Easter Sunday

20th March 2016.pdf - Palm Sunday

13th March 2016.pdf - Fifth Sunday in Lent

6th March 2016.pdf - Fourth Sunday in Lent

28th February 2016.pdf - Third Sunday in Lent

21st February 2016.pdf - Second Sunday in Lent

14th February 2016.pdf - First Sunday in Lent

7th February 2016.pdf - Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

31st January 2016.pdf - Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

24th January 2016.pdf - Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

17th January 2016.pdf - Peace Sunday

10th January 2016.pdf - The Baptism of the Lord