Hiring St Cuthman’s Room


St Cuthman’s Room is a small hall with good parking facilities outside the church. There is a short path to the room (about 25 yards/metres long) up a short rise. There are two disabled ramps, one permanent and another which needs to be set in place to give access over a step into the room itself.

• There is a small galley kitchen, very adequate for small-scale catering.

  1. There are two WCs and a space for hanging coats.

  2. The room, 8 metres by 4.5 metres, can comfortably accommodate about 20 people—more if they stand.


The charge for hiring the St Cuthman room is £10 per daytime session (morning or afternoon) and £12 for an evening session.
To book, or obtain further information, please contact Mary on 01903 815949 or email here.


The St Cuthman Room must be evacuated by 10pm or soon after.

The hall must be left clean and tidy. Please let us know if you do not find it so when you arrive.

We do not hire out the hall for parties.


  1. A flat-screen TV, 32”

  2. A projection screen, 3m x 2m

  3. A whiteboard, 70cm x 100cm

  4. 1 large wooden table (in the picture above) 170cm x 90cm, extendable x 36cm

  5. 4 folding tables (standing in the corner above) 180cm x 75cm

  6. 1 small folding table 75cm x 75cm

  7. 1 kitchen-style table 90cm x 60cm

  8. 8 power points

  9. Fire extinguisher

  10. About 25 plastic stacking chairs

    Click here to find out more about the kitchen.



at Christ the King Church, Bramber Road, Steyning, BN44 3PB