Hiring St Peter’s Hall


St Peter’s Hall, adjoining the church, is available for hire.

You can discuss dates with Mrs Claire Fair the Parish Secretary on 01273 452654. She is available directly on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings, or a message may be left on that number at any other time, and will be dealt with on the next office morning.

Alternatively, please email hall@olqp.net for a faster service.


The hall can accommodate 200 people closely seated or standing, or 100 sitting at tables. For health and safety reasons these numbers should not be exceeded.

Regrettably (and for obvious reasons) we don’t accept bookings for 18th or 21st birthday parties.

Unfortunately bouncy castles/soft play areas are now no longer permitted.

As we are located in a residential district, everyone must leave by midnight, please, and all but the very quietest music must cease by 11.

Cars may not be left in the car-park over Saturday night as the church needs every space from 8.00 on Sunday morning. This is important. Use the Pond Road car park (on North Street) instead; it’s only a very short walk away, and free on Sundays.

Finally, for regular bookings, the heating will be automatically set for your use. For single-use, you must set the heating yourself from the control in the hall. You will be told how to access it when you speak to Claire to get the key access code.

Cost of Hire:

Our fees are as follows:

        £12.50 per hour on weekdays

        £15 per hour at weekends

For parishioners and charities (for other than specific parish use):

        £30 per session (up to 5 hours) weekdays

        £35 per session weekends

A booking form can be found here.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Pictures of the hall can be viewed here.

An inventory of equipment for use in the hall is available here.


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